Who we are

Be what you want to be with 
Bodice Beautiful

Here at the House of Bodice Beautiful we take beautiful and unusual materials and turn them into unique wearable art. No two items will ever be the same.

Where possible we use ethical materials sourced locally. Each item is individually handcrafted in Warwickshire. Be what you want to be with Bodice Beautiful.

Original design

Designer Paul Whiteside has a Masters degree in Classics from the University of Warwick and completed his fashion training at Matthew Boulton College in Birmingham.

Conceived in Holland... Made in London
Bodice Beautiful was “conceived” in Holland, via a corset-maker from Essex, with an input from Worcester, and Paul himself “made in London”, born in St Thomas’s Hospital opposite the Houses of Parliament. Bodice Beautiful is now Warwickshire-made.

Bodice Beautiful can be traced back to Jacob Meijertz born in Texel, Noord-Holland, the Netherlands, in 1680. Agatha Hendrika Elisabeth Giltjes, born in 1840, Den Helder is Paul’s Mother’s Great Grandmother on her Father’s side. Agatha had a second marriage to Charles Heard from Essex who was a stay cutter/maker*
*Stay-maker is an obsolete name for a corset-maker. After 1840 corsets were made of strong white twill cotton and vertical whalebone. During the 18th century in England the stay making trade was a man’s profession.

The word bodice (covers the body from the neck to the waist) originally called a pair of bodies – made in two pieces that were laced together. Jumps were informal, lightly/partially boned stays of quilted linen.

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