Be what you want to be with 
Bodice Beautiful
Down and dirtee denim

Here at Bodice Beautiful we like mystery - always around the theme of the dark side of good - the soft side of hard! Women with a sense of style - energy, optimism, enthusiasm - from self-assertive party girls to delicious divas. Maybe also for a trek in the woods.

Shown here from March 2013 - and inspired by the snow, we've been working with recycled/up-cycled items for Ectos.
  • Take a pair of man's denim jeans and cut off the front and back pockets and the waistband; add a pair of Adidas leather trainers (brown), and a recycled leather handbag (black)... Hey presto!
  • We're working towards an under-bust bodice, a bikini-type corset top and a cushion. Pictures of the latter two are shown here!
  • Reflect who you really are with Bodice Beautiful... and go back to your roots.
  • Contact us for custom item prices. There is only ever one of any of our unique designs. You will never see another woman wearing exactly the same as you!
"Bodice Beautiful for when no other bodice will do."