Graduate intern

Small business is big on opportunity

Paul Whiteside MA, owner/designer Bodice Beautiful Wearable Art

Through Creative Enterprise at Coventry University I was aware of the opportunity to have a graduate intern at virtually no cost to my business. I made some enquiries, filled in forms, put out an advert for what I wanted – marketing/PR. After interview, Paulina agreed to a 12-week placement with Bodice Beautiful Wearable Art, one day a week for three months.

As Marketing/PR Executive Paulina's special challenge was to take control of the on-line social marketing presence of this small and relatively new fashion house in Warwickshire. She refreshed this website, designed and initiated a business page for Facebook, contributed to establishing BoBe on Pinterest and Etsy (as potential sales channels), and numerous other things.

“Why I also enjoyed working with BoBe is that my opinion mattered. We had several constructive discussions and Paul always considered my advice. As my ideas were positively regarded I believe that my career in marketing is on a good way to succeed in the future. Moreover, Paul shared with me his passion for what he does.”

Remember the advantages of working small: flexibility, immediate face to face contact, immediate decisions with day-to-day support.

“The biggest challenge that I had to overcome was to organise the time to work as I am a full time mother. The advantage of working with Paul was that I was not imposed to structured working hours. We mostly communicated by email which worked effectively for both of us.”

This internship was a win-win situation for both sides. I would encourage small businesses/sole traders to think about the business potential for this.

“Work experience in BoBe definitely contributed to improving my marketing-related skills. The journey with BoBe was enjoyable and educational. I would recommend it to individuals thinking of an alternative way to obtain a work experience.”

Bodice Beautiful would like to thank IIPSI (International Institute for Product and Service Innovation) at the University of Warwick, for an exciting one day introduction to digital social marketing.