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Be what you want to be with 
Bodice Beautiful

  Welcome to Dirtee-Doll, the sexy label from Bodice Beautiful.

  Sensitive, sexual sensitivity for the Doll inside you, unique bodices, basques, corset-dresses/-tops
  in plastics, poly-brights and PVC. Many are reversible - for two contrasting looks in one!
  Dare to be different with a design from Dirtee-Doll! 
  The soft side of hard where lacing is an open invitation (or not).

  Dirtee-Doll Premium - Deadly Nightshade
  Here's a stunning party special in sensuous black PVC and warm synthetic cow fur fabric. 
  It has polyester boning.
  Totally reversible when worn with a body garment underneath. Great for when it’s cold
  outside, with  thigh-high patent boots.

  Kiss of the Spider Woman
  Black PVC lined with pink Jaeger fabric; metal boned at eyelets opening only; fully front opening.
  Exquisitely supple for body-conscious WOW! Size 4-6. This is an unusual collector's item.
  This is also featured as Basque-in-a-Box in the Bodice Beautiful BoBe Etsy shop.

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Detail: metal boned with fine leather lacing

*Photos of Natalie by Nicky Connor, Opticola photography: